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How to Fix “nova.compute.manager Stderr: u”qemu-img: Could not open”
All of a sudden, the Hypervisor Summary page in Horizon dashboard was not updating the usage stats of vCPUs, RAM and Local storage for one of the compute node. I see new VMs are launched on that compute node, but the stats page still showed all the vCPUs, RAM and disk were intact/not-used (though the new VMs […]

Fix HTTP 403 Forbidden, Failed to Open Stream – PHP Copy function
I wrote a simple PHP program to copy an image from a website to local directory. The copy() function will copy a file to the specified destination and it can be used to copy a file that’s stored locally and also from a remote website. But I was stuck with an error “failed to open […]

How to install LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
LEMP is a group of open source software stack used to setup web server, database and PHP on a Linux operating system to serve dynamic web pages. LEMP stands for Linux, Nginx (pronounced as Engine X) web server, MySQL database and PHP. Another stack called LAMP (alternative to LEMP) is also available in which Nginx web […]

Write a Batch Script to Automate File Transfer Between Linux & Windows using WinSCP
Question: I have been running cron on a Linux server to take a backup of my website once in a day. But I download those backups to my local machine (which is Windows) once in a week or so. Is it possible to automate file transfer from Linux to Windows? Answer: Yes, you can. Take a look at […]

Fix FTP Passive Mode problem on OpenStack & EC2 VMs
Have you installed VSFTP in your OpenStack or Amazon EC2 VM and getting errors such as “Entering passive mode…connection failed“? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. This tutorial will help you to fix FTP passive mode problem on VMs started in OpenStack cloud middle-ware and in Amazon EC2. This error is […]