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How to Shorten Bash Prompt in Linux?
If you are working with a deep directory structure, then you might have noticed a lengthier bash prompt. This tutorial will explain various tricks that lets you to shorten bash prompt. For example, if you are working within a directory /var/www/website/content/assets/styles/css/, then based on your settings, you might see a bash prompt as shown below: […]

How to Add or Modify State in WooCommerce?
Do you need to add or modify state in WooCommerce plugin? If yes, all you need is a simple snippet. Generally, every country in WooCommerce has an unique code. For example, India has a code country of ‘IN’ and IRAN as ‘IR’. Here’s a complete list of country codes in WooCommerce plugin. To add a […]

How to Reset WordPress Password via PHPMyAdmin
Do you want to reset WordPress password? Well, you can use “Lost your password” link in the WordPress login page. Upon clicking, you will be asked to enter WordPress username or email address and once done, WordPress will send you the password reset link. Ok, all is fine when you have an access to your email address. […]

How to view SSL Certificate Information in Chrome 56
Until few months back, I was able to view SSL certificate information in Chrome browser by clicking the padlock icon in the address bar. But starting from Chrome 56, the user cannot follow the same process to view SSL certificate information. For some reason, Chrome does not allow you to do that. But don’t worry, […]

How to disable MySQL Password Validation plugin
I had recently Installed MySQL v5.7 on Debian 8 Jessie. After the successful installation of MySQL, to improve the security of MySQL installation, ran the below command: # mysql_secure_installation The above command will prompt for the root password. Enter the password you created during the installation. A series of questions are asked for which you need to […]